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Bespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and SurreyBespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and SurreyBespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and SurreyBespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and Surrey

Unique Wood Products for your home and garden

Welcome to Sylvan Designs,  creative woodworkers based in West Sussex that uses upcycled and salvaged wood to create beautiful unique products. I have over 30 years of experience in crafting handmade items, this method gives each product a truly rustic, warm homely feel, so if you appreciate artisan woodwork design, you are in the right place. I always look to collaborate closely with customers. depending where you live we can meet and discuss the exact kind of product that you would like. Whether you need a new table,  candle holders or a pergola, the final edition will reflect your requirements. Using retired oak whisky barrels and sources of English Hardwoods such as Oak, Ash, beech Yew and Walnut we aim to bring your ideas to fruition.

If you are looking for a creative woodworker in West Sussex, who has a passion for woodwork design, please contact  Andrew Haywood at Sylvan Designs.

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Recycled Wood

I have a passion for recycling old wood and turning it into something beautiful. Every piece has its own distinct features and reflects nature as it is, rather than looking like another item off the production line. As a passionate woodworker, I have developed  local sources of materials from charity shops to yard sales, My experience allows me to instinctively identify different types of wood and know which type would best suit the design you require, so rest assured that you are in safe hands.  

Bespoke Wooden Furniture and Unique Items

Every product is made from scratch and has a distinctly personal touch. Whether you want something that is functional or simply just beautiful, I can do it for you. Along with reclaimed wooden furniture items, Sylvan Designs specialises in making many different products , my work with oak whisky barrels (please see Oak whisky barrel page) creating something new like a fruit bowl or table. We can work closely together on every step of the design process, or you can leave it entirely with me. It's your product, so you get the final say.  



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Why Choose Sylvan Designs?



With over 30 years of experience in making bespoke furniture and unique products from my workshop, I have an instinctive connection with woodwork design. Such a level of knowledge always translates into a final edition that goes above and beyond conventional wood products.


No two pieces of wood are the same, which means that every product has its own special characteristics. We can work closely together to discuss the exact wood type, shape and overall design. Producing a piece of furniture or other unique item that aligns with your vision is always my main priority.


I set extremely high standards for the kind of repurposed wood that I use and always spend plenty of time looking for the perfect piece. By combining top quality materials with an expert  design process, the final outcome will  leave you feeling delighted.




About Me

My passion with woodworking started at school many years ago, during which I struck a affinity with wood. The desire to create beautiful things with my hands always fills me with excitement.

In 1987, I set up my own workshop and from that moment I have embarked on a wide range of creative woodworking projects.



Bespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and Surrey



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If you are looking to buy somebody a present or want a beautiful new table, please get in contact with Andrew Haywood at Sylvan Designs, 


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