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I am an experienced and friendly woodworker based in West Sussex specialising in creating beautiful unique wood products. Along with helping the environment, using repurposed wood from the local area which gives each product a natural, rustic feel.

Following over 30 years of running my own workshop, I have great passion for woodwork design and an instinctive understanding of how to craft many different items. Whether you are after a candle holder or something larger, I will get the job done in a way that reflects your requirments.

We can work closely together during the whole process, with you specifying the type of wood, shape and size. Using oak whisky barrels along with other forms of high-quality English Hardwood, I always take extreme care to only deliver the highest quality of finish.


Bespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and Surrey


Barrel chess set from Bespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and Surrey



 Why Use Oak Whisky Barrels?

There is a blossoming market for oak whisky barrels, with most coming from the United States or Scotland. The beauty of barrels comes not just in its charred, smoky interior – still blessed with that whisky smell – but also in how its structure requires no glue or fixings, held together instead by steel rims. This composition gives each barrel a streamlined, natural feel, with the wood itself swelling and creating its unique shape. Oak whisky barrels also command a sense of heritage, with each one going through up to three cycles of use by distilleries before they are discarded and repurposed.



Sylvan Designs Oak Whisky Barrels

As a perfectionist when it comes to woodwork design, I have a long-lasting interest in repurposing oak whisky barrels. Oak is among the most popular of English Hardwoods and this particular strain is particularly enticing for anybody with an interest in natural, rustic old wood. My main sources of oak whisky barrels come from Loch Lomond area of Scotland, a place with a high number of quality distilleries. Some barrels on offer are over 30 years old and the oldest one that I’ve repurposed dates back to 1993.

What Recycled Oak Whisky Barrels Can Do for You

The smooth, curved nature of oak whisky barrels, along with their heritage, mean that they serve as a wonderful addition to your home. With Sylvan Designs, you decide exactly what kind of barrel you receive. The whole barrel can be supplied as we receive them, or perhaps refurbished in order to show the beautiful grain in all its glory. This can be done in a number of creative ways. A half-barrel, for example, can be used as a planter or water feature in your garden. Moreover, I recently constructed a table for a local pub by using an oak whisky barrel. There are endless possibilities!

 Bespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and Surrey