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Are you looking for something a little different, If so, look no further than Sylvan Designs, a company based in East Grinstead, West Sussex producing high-quality, unique handcrafted wood furniture from reclaimed, locally sourced English Hardwood. I have over 30 years of experience in the creative woodworking industry, investing considerable attention to detail into projects that produce rustic, natural finishes. Woodwork design has been a lifelong passion of mine, so you can be sure to receive a wood product that is impeccably done, personal to you, and made with the environment in mind. I only use old local wood, often using oak whisky barrels, and want to work closely with you to find a the right material that produces an ideal final result. If you have a particular idea of your needs such as an outdoor swing or coffee table, I can turn your dream into a reality.


Based in East Grinstead, West Sussex and serving all other areas, get in contact with Andrew Haywood at Sylvan Designs if you wish to buy wood products from a bespoke furniture maker who works closely with you to achieve the perfect outcome. 


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Bespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and Surrey



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How to Buy From Sylvan Designs



To start with, we will have an initial discussion about what your desired bespoke wooden furniture would look like. If possible, I like to do this on a face-to-face basis, enabling us to have a back-and-forth dialogue about your vision ahead of making it a reality.


For the woodwork design process, we will explore examples of what you are after. We can also take a trip to the saw mill, giving you the chance to personally choose the right kind of wood. Once we have refined your design specifications, I will get to work.


After receiving your instructions, I can now get to work on constructing your bespoke wooden furniture item, or whatever you have asked for, and will provide you with photos as I move from the initial development phases to the final edition.









 Bespoke Furniture Makers in West Sussex and Surrey


Depending on your location and the product size, I will deliver the upcycled furniture to your door, keeping in line with Sylvan Designs’ friendly, personalised philosophy. If the item is too big or you live beyond a 50-mile radius of East Grinstead, I will arrange for a courier service to provide delivery.



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Sylvan Designs is a company that specialises in producing upcycled handcrafted wooden furniture from local, reclaimed wood, so if you are looking for bespoke furniture maker in West Sussex, , give me a call!


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