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If you are looking for a bespoke furniture maker in West Sussex who specialises in producing handcrafted wooden furniture for all purposes from repurposed local wood, get in contact with Sylvan Designs. I have over 30 years of experience in creative woodworking and pride myself on having extreme attention to detail for a craft that has been a lifelong passion. All products are created from scratch and constructed with you in mind, which is why I always look to take a collaborative approach to making anything, producing something that is personal to you. Alongside bespoke wooden furniture, you can request any form of woodwork design that you like,  pergolas and other garden items. Using old oak whisky barrels along with other quality English hardwoods, I take scrupulous care to ensure that the final edition reflects what you asked for.

If so, get in contact with Sylvan Designs, an experienced maker of beautiful handcrafted wooden furniture.


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 Examples of Bespoke Products


Delicate Items

Small, handcrafted wooden products that have a personalised feel serve as great presents, or perhaps as additions to your living room or kitchen. With Sylvan Designs, you can receive items such as candle holders, picture frames made to size, turned bowls, and countless other pieces in a way that matches up with your individual tastes or the interior design of your home.

Products With a Practical Use 

You may want a very specific item for a particular domestic or commercial function. Maybe you require new coat hooks for your home, or potentially a house name plate ,whatever your needs are, get in contact with me and we can work closely together to ensure that the final product satisfies your demands.

Something Unique

Along with making bespoke wooden furniture, my woodwork design service is capable of producing a wide variety of unique objects made in accordance with your exact specifications. If you can imagine it, I can probably make it for you. This could be something grand like a pergola for your garden, or something minor such as a bespoke wooden key holder or bottle opener.







A Collaborative Approach

Above all, my main ambition is to make bespoke wooden furniture that is personal to you. The best way to make sure this happens is through taking a collaborative approach, with us working together during every step of the process. We can even go to the saw mill together and pick out the exact wood that you want. You will also receive photos of the product during its stages of production, so you can always remain in the loop. Whether you require bespoke wooden furniture or something more specific, taking an active role in the design process allows you to receive a final product that aligns perfectly with your initial vision. A lot of customers of mine have since become friends, which is exactly how I like to do business!



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I make bespoke reclaimed wooden furniture from the finest local wood for a variety of purposes, so if you require a bespoke furniture maker in West Sussex, East Grinstead and Surrey, get in touch with Sylvan Designs.


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